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Researchers with additional information on any of the Lewis immigrants listed are invited to publish it on this page. Please send the information to with Subject: "LEWIS FAMILIES IN AMERICA BEFORE 1700". Your email address will be withheld on request.
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Roger Lewis, age 19 when in 1617 sailed in the "Edwin" to Shirlow Hundred in Virginia.
John Lewis, 1634, arrived in Virginia
Edmond Lewis, (brother of John above) age 33 April 30, 1634 arrived with his wife Mary and children: John age 3, Thomas, 9 mos. Passenger in the Elizabeth of Ipswich for New England.
William Lewis, 1635 (brother of John above) arrived in Virginia.
Robert Lewis, age 23 in 1635, sailed from London to Virginia.
John Lewis, April 1635 embarked in the Hercules of Kent for New England, wife and daughter named Sarah.
Christopher Lewis, arrived in Virginia in 1638.
David Lewis, May 1638, 250 acres on Nansemond River in Virginia.
Thomas Lewis, came to Virginia before 1641, when he moved to Maryland.
William Lewis, came to Virginia in the 1640s, and moved to Maryland.
Mathew Lewis, came to Virginia in the 1640s and moved to Maryland.
Samuel Lewis, 1646, transported for seven years to Jamaica.
John Lewis, age about 60, transported on the Globe with John Lewis, Jr., William Lewis, Edward Lewis, and Lida Lewis, July 1, 1653 to Poroptanke Creek, VA.  (He was the grandfather of John Lewis of Warner Hall.  He is buried in the Lewis Cemetery on the original 250 acre grant, which is across the road from the emigrant home site of  the Robert E. Lee family of Civil War fame.)
William Lewis, (See Above) born July 19, 1610 and died 1662.
John Lewis, Jr., (Also see John above) born November 26, 1611 and died about 1675.)
Edward Lewis, (Also see John above) born May 4 1614.
John Lewis, born 1650, died 1694 in Virginia.
John Lewis, January 1655 to bound service four years in Barbados.
John Lewis, July 1655, transported to plantation to serve 10 years.
Davis Lewis, April 1656, of Monmouth bound servant for two years. in Barbados.
John Lewis, August 1656, of Westerleigh bound servant for 8 years in Virginia.
William Lewis, Sept. 1656, of Glamorgan bound servant for 4 years in Virginia..
John Lewis, 1660 Henrico County, Virginia.
Thomas Lewis Sr b: ABT 1674 in Probably New Kent Co., Va.
Thomas Lewis who died before 9 Aug 1670 in Isle of Wight, VA (married Rebecca George)
Morgan Lewis Isle of Wight, VA married Sarah George late 1600's
Zachary Lewis, came to Virginia in 1692.

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