John Lewis Sr. born in Virginia in 1720 and his son David Lewis Revolutionary Military Service

Contributed by Mark Lewis 

Two of my direct ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War. First there was John Lewis Sr. born in Virginia in 1720 and died in Randolph County, N.C. on 10 June 1802. He served in the 10th North Irish Regiment. His five sons also served in the Revolutionary War. It is written that John Lewis had a lot of sons, big, tough, and many thought ruthless. People were afraid to confront these men. They were also hard working and had many friends. There were stories handed down about the families and many can be found in books in the Randolph County, NC history at the Ashboro Library.

A copy of John Lewis Bible record is in the Huntsville, Alabama, Public Library.

His son David Lewis was born 21 March 1749 in Guilford County, N.C. He was a farmer and a merchant and served as a member of Captain Benjamin Bailey's Company in the 10th Regiment Line of NC in the Revolutionary War from 12 April 1781 to 12 April 1782. and died 23 June 1822 in Anderson County, S.C. He is buried at the Old Stone Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Hwy.76, between Clemson and Pendleton, S.C. district.

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