Lewis Surname DNA Project Group 15

Lewis Surname DNA Project Group 15


1st.Generation: SEARLES (SURLES) LEWIS, 1684/5 - 1736
(Thought to be the same person as the Searles Lewis, bapt 29 March 1684/5 Melton, Suffolk, Eng.)
Mother: Francis Lewis; father: incognito -( presumed to have been Thomas Sorrell/Sarls, d. 1684/5.)
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To Virginia ca. 1700). Married 1st, ca. 1709, Unknown; children:
1) Thomas, b. ca. 1710, Westmoreland Co., VA, d. 1771, "Ravenworth", Fairfax Co., VA. Had issue;
2) Surles, b. ca. 1713, d. after 1776, prob. in Fairfield or Richland Co's., SC. Known issue: Surles Jr.- To Fla.
3) Sarah, b. ca. 1716, married Joshua Render, moved to Orange Co., VA. Had Issue.

Surles married 2nd, ca. 1721, Elizabeth, dau. of William Linton and Johanna Lewis,
( widow of Hillaire Rousseau, who had died 30 Jan 1720, St. Paul's Parish, Stafford Co, VA.;

children: 4) John Lewis, b. ca. 1722, of Caroline Co., VA. Moved to Fairfield Co., SC, d. 1787. Had Male Issue.;
John Jr - to Putnam Co. GA, father of John Gibson Lewis; (per DNA testing)
James, of Fairfield and Richland Cos. SC Had Issue
William, of Fairfield Co. SC Had Issue

5) James Lewis, b. ca. 1724, of Prince William Co., VA., d. ca 1750. No Issue.

2nd Generation: THOMAS LEWIS, b. ca. 1710, Westmoreland Co,. VA, d. 1771, "Ravenworth", Fairfax Co., VA.
Married 1st, ca. 1740, Unknown. Married 2nd, ca. 1750, Elizabeth Harris. Had 10 Children.
(Some moved to KY)

3rd Generation: WILLIAM LEWIS, b. March 1750, "Ravenworth", Fairfax Co. VA., d. 1832, "Mt Pleasant", Fauquier Co. VA.
Married ca. 1780 Ann, dau. of William Montgomery and Catharine Marrs of "Rosemount", Prince William Co., VA. Had 12 children.
(Some moved to KY)

4th Generation: FRANCIS MONTGOMERY LEWIS, Sr., b. 2 May 1784," Mt Pleasant", Fauquier Co., VA.,
d. 19 Aug 1849, "Rosemount", Prince William Co., VA.
Married 1st, 1 Sep 1809, Fauquier Co., VA, Martha, dau. of Dozier Bennett and Ann, dau. of Cornelius Vaughan. Had 10 children.
(Some moved to CA)
Married 2nd, Sallie Garwood. Had one son who d. s. p.

5th Generation: FRANCIS MONTGOMERY LEWIS, Jr., b. 19 Mar 1820, "Rosemount", Prince William Co. VA, d. 31 Mar 1897, at "Rosemount".
Married 6 Oct 1853, at "Oak Hill", Fairfax Co., VA, Julia, dau. of Benjamin Ford Higgs of Chaptico, St. Mary's Co., MD and "Oak Hill", Fairfax Co. ,VA, and Sarah Lane, dau.
of Capt. Wm. Lane, Sr. of "Oak Hill". Had 8 children.

6th Generation: FRANCIS (Frank) ASHBY LEWIS, Sr., b. 14 July 1862, "Rosemount", Prince William Co., VA,
d. 31 Jul 1924, "The Meadows", Prince William Co., VA.
Married 14 Jul 1896, Washington, D.C., Katie (Katherine V.) Heymond, dau of James Heymond, Mariner, of Plymouth, Eng. & NYC, NY, USA
and Jane, dau. of John Squire of Bellevue cottage, Cadeleigh, Devon, Eng. Had 5 children.

7th Generation: FRANK ASHBY LEWIS, Jr., b. 6 Dec 1906, "The Meadows," Prince William Co., VA, d. 6 Jan 1996, Woodstock, VA.
Married 22 Jul 1935, Annapolis, MD, Dorothy Elaine, dau of John C. Koons of Patapsco, MD and Washington, D.C.
and Ada Florence, dau of Wm. J. Childs of Baltimore, MD. Had 2 children.

Paternal lineage of Participant #18691: Searles (Surles) Lewis (c. 1684/5 - 1735/6) > Thomas Lewis (c. 1710 - 1771) > William Lewis (1750 - 1832) > Francis Montgomery
Lewis, Sr. (1784 - 1849) > Francis Montgomery Lewis, Jr. (c. 1820 - 1897) > Francis (Frank) Ashby Lewis, Sr., (1862 - 1924) > Frank Ashby Lewis, Jr. (1906 - 1996)
> Living (1938 - )

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